Life Coaching with Janet Logan at My Coaching Services is here to help you reach your Career & Business and Health & Wellness goals. Practical, purposeful and powerful coaching of Enlightened Inspiration with Honest Encouragement that leads to Amazing Transformation!

Life Coaching

Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together to Reveal the Map to your Future!

I’ve always been that person who a stranger would confide their whole life story within a few minutes of meeting. People invariably feel comfortable talking to me, which makes it easy for me to help them through their dilemmas and / or struggles in life. I simply help them get unstuck.

Career & Business Coaching

Empowerment and Results!

My extensive Human Resources background helps my clients to align their career / business to live the life they want to live! Whether you’re just starting out, have graduated or mid-level career, under- or un-employed, I’m here to help you figure out what you want to do and guide you through the process of getting there.

Health & Wellness Coaching

Motivation & Determination!

My passion for physical fitness and my experience of being a Breast Cancer Survivor enables me to help my clients take better care of themselves physically and mentally which results in better overall health of body and mind!


Hello, my name is Janet Logan.

Hello and Welcome!

I’m Janet Logan, the founder of My Coaching Services. I’m an ICF Certified Professional Life Coach, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist offering Career & Business and Health & Wellness Coaching.

I work with my clients to reach their Career & Business and Health & Wellness goals. I use my corporate background and HR career to help my business clients and I use my passion for physical fitness and experience with Breast Cancer to help my wellness clients reach their goals of overall improved well-being.

My practical approach, genuine concern and enthusiastic spirit provides my clients with empowering support for positive results. I inspire and encourage them and guide them to where they truly know they want to be, but couldn’t necessarily do it on their own.


Janet Logan

Janet Logan

What if you could change your life in the next 90 days?

It’s possible! I can help you formulate a plan, set realistic goals, and provide lots of encouragement to help you work towards your dream.

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Some of my Success Stories

You had a profound impact on me

“I just wanted to let you know that the last session you and I had was extremely powerful for me and continues to have a positive impact on me. Since our session, I have been much more positive. I realize that I am actually a powerful manifester!  You helped me to really understand that. While I have not gotten any job offers yet, I have manifested a bunch of opportunities to have “in the meantime” money. I am also toying with the possibility of establishing a venture where I am a diversity and inclusion thought leader / speaker / facilitator, etc. This may be in addition to a job or instead of one. Whatever is in my highest good. I am truly open to whatever is possible. At any rate, I just wanted you to know that you had a PROFOUND impact on me. I had been struggling for the last 9 months with getting increasingly depressed and our session was the reset that I needed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You were a true angel for me.”

Ann Jenrette-Thomas, Esq., CPCC, ACC

We are grateful for the guidance you provided

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for working with my daughter. You were the second coach we interviewed and Kelly found an immediate connection with you. In our initial meeting, you were helpful, informative and knowledgeable. Although I didn’t attend the remaining meetings, based on your input, Kelly has now shifted gears and is changing careers and we are grateful for the guidance you provided her with. Thanks!”

Sandy, Hopatcong, NJ

Her support has been invaluable to me

“Janet has been an instrumental part of my career exploration, growth, and future goals. Her support has been invaluable to me as we navigated through the challenges I was facing in my work environment together. She made our work together easy – providing assignments and resources to help guide our sessions – all of which provided me with much-needed insight and guidance. Janet has helped me define what truly matters most, presenting me with possibilities and hope for the future. I am in a much better space today than when we first started working together and I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her positive light in my life.”

Kathy P., NJ

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